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Short Term: Revision of MD pharmacology curriculum and implementation ofShort Term Industrial Internships (STII).

Promote the implementation of TDM laboratories in all medical college hospitals and formation of clinical pharmacology division in all postgraduate pharmacology departments. This will herald an interaction between clinical departments and pharmacology department, which currently happens only in few colleges. Also, to sensitize the need for pharmacogenetic based therapy. This may sound too realistic. But when i had attended the pharmacogenomic workshop last August,2014 i came to know that JIPMER was being sponsored by ICMR for the past decade to conduct the workshop for a group of 20 participants per year. Therefore, currently there are more than 200 participants available, including the post graduates at JIPMER, in India who had been trained in Pharmacogenomics (PGx). So even if the government appoints one of them to help start PGx labs in specialized colleges/hospitals, we will be having not less than 200 labs working with PGx facility. And as i inquired at JIPMER, the cost of testing per sample for a CYP enzyme is roughly around Rs.500 with real time PCR. So i hope it is possible to implement even in government setup with variousavailable insurance schemes.

To create a bridge between industry and academia for research works. This will be cost effective for industry and good learning curve for post graduates. But i need to know more about industry's requirements and interest on this. Also, need to get the attention of IUPHAR to recognize IMPA as one of the official bodies for medical pharmacology in India which will provide a platform for various collaborative endeavours with the pharmacological society abroad.

Penultimate goal of IMPA is to achieve all its objectives and more importantly to sustain those achievements for a maximal period of time

IMPA can also be followed on Facebook at Indian Medical Pharmacologists Association-IMPA. As the president of IMPA, I invite all my fellow pharmacologists to join IMPA and extend your support.